SPM and Automation Solutions

Today, there is a need to automate the repetitive processes in manufacturing to improve production rate while adhering to stringent tolerance norms. We design and manufacture automation systems in an optimized cost, designated to do specific work with high accuracy and repeatability. The LCA designed and manufactured so far has yielded extra-ordinary results thereby improving overall production efficiencies and achieve expected RoI. We believe the team of experts backed with in-house mechanical and electronic setup and latest Technologies is the key to achieve the results. The design is purely based on understanding of overall end result and cost effectiveness. Accordingly mechanical component, PLCs, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Guideways, standard parts,...etc form in-line.

Our engineered to order SPM and automation solutions include

-Pick n place automation

-In-line Milling, drilling and tapping Automates

-Multiple spindle drilling Automates

-In-line facing, drilling and chamfering automates

-Achieve consistent production quality

Business benefits –

-End – to – end in-house concept development, design and manufacturing thereby assured quality and timely delivery.

-Automatic/ Semi-automatic based on customer requirements such as production rates, quality, commercial viability, etc.

-Improved production rates.

-Improved accuracy there by reduced rejection.

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