Drilling and Tapping Heads

Today, there are lot of components that goes through various drilling and tapping processes. To address this requirement, most of the companies deploy drilling and tapping automation solutions. We design and manufacture drilling and tapping heads based on customer specific requirements. These are designed and manufactured where many holes are required to be drilled at various PCDs. Best suitable for batch quantity component drilling and tapping. Useful to make holes and tapping in components like flanges, Brake drums, motor end covers, valve bodies and disc brakes, engine components, etc.

We design and manufacture

-Hydraulic/Pneumatic drilling heads

-Servo/Stepper Driven drilling an tapping heads

-Single & Multi Spindle drilling and tapping heads

-Fixed and variable pitch tapping heads

Features –

Sturdy construction

-Engineered to order based on requirements

-High accuracy and repeatability

-Longer service life

-Suitable for large production quantities

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